A Special Iso Grifo from Ferrari of Los Gatos

My Friend Jeff purchased an Iso Grifo from Ferrari of Los Gatos back in the 80’s. The salesman told him it was a show car and he took the comment with a grain of salt. “Ya, sure it is.” Well, it turns out the salesman was correct. Iso Grifo #336 was the first series 2 […]

A Visit to Ferrari of Los Gatos

I just ran across the FLGstory.com site when I read your comment on velocetoday.com. It triggered a memory. In the summer of ’77 or ’78, I drove from Southern California to Los Gatos in my ’64 VW bus. I’d moved from Palo Alto to La Jolla a year earlier and came up north to visit […]

Talacrest Classic Ferrari Book

Thank you for the Ferrari stories. There is a well documented book written recently by John Collins. The title is TALACREST CLASSIC FERRARI – Dealing in Dreams, and it is published by Ginger Beer Promotions Ltd. The book is available for purchase directly through TALACREST. Submitted by Adam

Your Blog Brings Back Many Memories

I just discovered your Ferrari of Los Gatos Blog and want you to know how much I’ve enjoyed reading it. It revives many memories. I moved to California in July ’78 and by February ’79 had purchased my first Ferrari (a 250GTE), joined the Ferrari club (at that time the FOC), and started participating in […]

Our First Ferrari

I grew up in California, and with that came the requisite love of cars that most boys out there develop. The weather and the lifestyle led to pretty good car spotting on the roads, and having a Dad who loved cars also helped. In 1984 I was 10 years old and completely hooked on Ferrari’s. […]


I found you on Ferrarichat.com. This blog is great! I’m mildly obsessed with Ferrari of Los Gatos. I actually reproduced their “PLEASE NO TOUCHA MY BODY” window stickers. My Dad bought at least one car, maybe more, through Brian at Ferrari of Los Gatos. I also have a Ferrari of Los Gatos license plate frame […]

He Purchased 11 Cars from Ferrari of Los Gatos

What an interesting project about a very interesting place. I bought my first car from Ferrari of Los Gatos in 1984 and was still doing business there when it closed. I was a Porsche guy when I came to Ferrari of Los Gatos. I loved cars, and over the years I bought eleven of them […]

Reader Stories & Pictures

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He Could Identify every Car on the Road

My son, Joe, was 14 or 15 years old and totally into cars – I mean really into them! We’d be driving and he’d call out the name and model of every cool-looking car on the road. Next came the details. Engine size, horsepower, transmission type… He knew them all! I knew there was a […]