My son, Joe, was 14 or 15 years old and totally into cars – I mean really into them! We’d be driving and he’d call out the name and model of every cool-looking car on the road. Next came the details. Engine size, horsepower, transmission type… He knew them all!

I knew there was a Ferrari dealership in Los Gatos, and one Saturday afternoon I decided to take Joe there. He was so excited to see all those exotic cars up close.

We looked at the cars for an hour or so. Leaving, we noticed a mechanic in the repair shop. As we walked by the open garage door, he said hello and began talking to us. After a few minutes, we started to leave again and the mechanic said to Joe, “Hang on, I have something for you. Come in here.”

[ctt template=”3″ link=”UbM5F” via=”no” ]I still remember how happy he was; it was one of those days you never forget.[/ctt]

Inside the repair shop, the mechanic reached high on a shelf and brought down a brand new Los Gatos Ferrari license plate frame. Joe grinned from ear to ear. I still remember how happy he was; it was one of those days you never forget.

Joe still has the license plate frame. It’s in mint condition, and cool cars continue to be his passion. He’s a full-time auto mechanic and works on them all day long.

Maybe it’s because that Ferrari mechanic was so nice to him all those years ago.


Submitted by Chris C., Cupertino, California

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