How One California Dealership Fueled
the Rise of Ferrari Cars in America
Los Gatos, California…

Is a small town on the way to the beach and in the 1970s most people wouldn’t stop there unless they needed gas to make it over the hill.

In 1976, things changed.

From then on there was ONE thing all car enthusiasts knew about Los Gatos…

It was the home of a Ferrari dealership…
And it wasn’t just any Ferrari dealership. It not only had new Ferraris, but classic old Ferraris, hot rods, muscle cars, and other hard-to-find models. And this dealership did things differently than other Ferrari dealers, and people liked it.
I was lucky enough to meet the man behind it all…

Brian Burnett.

I never realized anyone could have so much passion and love for cars until I became friends with him.

He’s always in selling mode. In fact, he told me about the Ferrari I own today within a few minutes of meeting me. That was over 15 years ago, and he hasn’t changed.

Incredible things took place on that small corner in Los Gatos during Brian’s twenty-year ride, and he shared his story with me, including the things he’d tried to forget over the past 25 years.

He had me on the edge of my seat with every story and always ended with, “Someone ought to write a book about this—I’m not kidding!”

One day, I decided to do it.

The thing that surprised me the most…

The side of Ferrari not many people have seen.

When Enzo Ferrari was alive it was all about respect and honor for the dealers that helped him fuel sales in North America, providing him with the money he needed to continue his passion for racing, faster and faster each year.

And then there’s the incredible ego and greed that came to life after Enzo died.

In my book, The Dealer, I’m beyond excited to unveil what really happened to Ferrari of Los Gatos.

I’ve distilled countless interviews with Brian Burnett, Richard Rivoir, employees, customers, suppliers, and others associated with the dealership.

On the journey you’ll discover…

I’m humbled to be able to share these stories and other great memories from the days of Ferrari of Los Gatos along with Brian’s personal life and his behind-the-scenes experiences with Ferrari.

What happened at Ferrari of Los Gatos may never happen again, but the memory of what took place there will be remembered forever by the people who lived the story.

I hope you enjoy the ride!


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