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The Dealer

How One California Dealership Fueled the Rise of Ferrari Cars in America

Los Gatos, California.

It’s a small town that most people wouldn’t even think twice about.

And to be totally honest, I knew very little about it despite growing up 45 minutes down the road in Palo Alto.

Yet there was ONE thing all car enthusiasts knew about Los Gatos…

It was the home of a Ferrari dealership.

Ferraris are special in their own right.

The mere thought of these iconic cars is enough to get your heart racing and adrenaline pumping.

But this place was the stuff of legends.

This one dealership, on the corner of a small Cali town, was creating a massive buzz around Ferraris and singlehandedly fueling their rise to prominence in America.

I was lucky enough to meet the man behind it all.

Brian Burnett was his name.

He was the owner of Ferrari, Los Gatos, and he was nothing short of an incredible human being.

I’d never seen so much passion and love for cars until I became friends with Brian. 

It was as exhilarating to be around as being sat in the driver’s seat of an ’82 308 GTSi – which Brian sold me on buying, 10 years after his dealership closed (talk about amazing salesmanship).

The thing that stuck with me the most though…

…were the stories.

Brian described some incredible tales from the 20-year ride running that dealership.

It’s the kind of stuff that makes you say “Someone should write a book on that!”

So I did.


The Dealer

The thing that stuck with me the most though…

I’m a storyteller, Ferrari enthusiast, and native Californian.

(I also author a blog called The FLG Story, all about Ferrari, Los Gatos)

In my brand new book, “The Dealer”, I’m beyond excited to bring you the incredible stories and great memories of the Ferrari, Los Gatos dealership.

I’ve distilled my countless interviews with Brian Burnett into a thrilling collection of unbelievable tales about this legendary place.

You’ll get to hear the entire story of how a couple of 30-year-olds, on a tiny corner lot of a small town, built the largest Ferrari dealership in America.

I’ll take you on a journey to discover…

The lore and legend of Ferrari, Los Gatos, have been told by car enthusiasts all around the world, yet never before have they come to life as they have in this book.

These are the real stories, retold as Brian himself would have told them, with real accounts of his personal life and behind-the-scenes experiences with Ferrari.

If you’re a car enthusiast who’s as passionate about Ferraris as I am, or you’re just intrigued to hear one of the most enthralling stories in car dealership history, this book was written for you!

By the time you’ve finished reading, you’ll be left in a state of awe, wonder, and appreciation for what these guys did.

Just click the button below to order your copy today and get ready for an amazing journey!

I hope you enjoy the ride.

the dealer

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about Jim


Jim Ciardella is a storyteller, Ferrari enthusiast, and native Californian.

He’s the author of The Dealer: How One California Dealership Fueled the Rise of Ferrari Cars in America, as well as The FLG Story blog, which recounts various tales from the legendary Ferrari, Los Gatos dealership

Jim became good friends with the owner, Brian Burnett when he moved to Los Gatos 10 years after the dealership had closed.

One night, after hearing many stories from Brian, Jim declared his intention to write a book all about the amazing tales he was hearing, and so “The Dealer Proof” was born.

When he isn’t writing to tell a story, Jim is a finance executive helping technology companies to grow and improve their businesses.


What people are saying
about "The Dealer"
“As a former long-time resident of the Los Gatos area I spent a lot of time hanging out at Ferrari of Los Gatos and I even bought and sold a few cars there. This terrific book provides the fascinating history that I did not know behind the legendary dealership in a very entertaining way.”

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